Welcome to the Keystone Café

Since 1979, the Keystone Cafe has been serving the community with wholesome vegetarian, vegan, and carnivorous fare at a fair price. Our restaurant supports local, natural, sustainable, and organic practices when ever possible. We invite you to enjoy dining with us soon.

The Keystone will be open on Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the day and special breakfasts for the occasion from 7 am - 2pm.

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Specials Today at the Keystone

Fried Rice Burrito: fried rice with egg, bacon, carrot, roasted garlic and green onion, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with chorizo & jack cheese $8.50

Sausage Braised Greens: collared greens & kale, braised with sausage, and served with red beans, rice, and a sunny side up egg $8.50

Truffle Stuffed French Toast: coconut truffles, layered between two slices of French toast & drizzled with date syrup $8.95

Featured this month:
Pint of Oakshire Brewery’s Ill Tempered Gnome Ale $4.00
Keystone Hot Buttered Rum $6.50

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Introducing Wildcraft Cider

The Keystone Café is proudly serving artisanal dry ciders from a local vendor in the Whitaker. Wildcraft dry ciders are inspired and developed by traditional and wild methodology. Whole fruit is used to create pure ciders without artificial flavorings, sulfites or added sugars.

Pippin 6.7% alcohol
Albemarle Pippin varietal apples create a well-balanced, full-bodied cider with a smooth finish.
* Pairs well with our pancakes

Tart Cherry 6.9% alcohol
Hand-picked array of local sweet and sour cherry varietals – Not too sweet, not too sour!
* Pairs well with our French toast

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