Keystone Café Menu

The food at the Keystone is famous for being healthy, satisfying and delicious.

Bread & Other Options

Our organic house made bread options are served with whipped butter

Vegan Bread Choices:

whole wheat, herb, sourdough rye, biscuit, English muffin


Substitute fruit for potatoes and/or toast .50
Earth Balance .50
Egg whites only  1.00

Breakfast at the Keystone

The Classic* 8.95

eggs with turkey ham, sausage links, bacon or
tempeh patties, served with potatoes & toast

Keystone Egg Benedict* 10.95

poached eggs with choice of lox, turkey ham, bacon or tempeh patties, with spinach & tomato on an English muffin, topped with nutritional yeast gravy and served with potatoes

Hi-Pro* 9.95

eggs, grilled wild caught salmon patty, with lemon and
dill sauce, potatoes & toast

The Hangover* 9.95

eggs, biscuit & sausage gravy, served with potatoes

The Vegan Hangover 8.95

tempeh mix, broccoli & kale, served on a biscuit topped
with crimini mushroom gravy, served with potatoes

Eggs & Toast* 4.95

Eggs with Potatoes & Toast* 5.95

Three Egg Omelettes

Served with potatoes & toast – Substitute nutritional yeast gravy for cheese

The Monster* 9.95

tofu or turkey ham, green peppers, onions, mushrooms & Swiss cheese

The Angler* 10.95

lox, spinach & cream cheese

The Farmer* 9.95

bacon or tempeh, red onion, roasted garlic, mushrooms & cheddar

The Gardener* 9.45

red onions, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms & Swiss cheese

Basil-Tomato-Feta* 9.25

house-made walnut pesto with choice of tofu, tempeh, or bacon

Enchilada Omelette* 9.95

onion, black olives, spinach, jack cheese, topped with enchilada sauce, mole, cabbage & salsa


Two-egg scrambles served with potatoes & toast

Vegan / vegetarian options: tempeh or tofu & nutritional yeast gravy

Herb Scramble* 7.25

blended herbs & cheddar cheese

Denver Scramble* 8.95

turkey ham, green peppers, onions & Swiss cheese

English Muffin Scramble* 8.95

eggs, onions, & peppers on a grilled English muffin topped with cheddar cheese and nutritional yeast gravy

Garden Scramble* 8.45

red onions, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms & Swiss cheese

Mediterranean Scramble* 8.45

spinach, tomatoes, black olives & feta cheese

Farm Scramble* 8.95

bacon, red onion, roasted garlic, mushrooms & cheddar

Griddle – Fruit – Cereal

Add  Extras:

blueberries, strawberries, bananas, coconut, or walnuts  1.50
pure maple syrup   1.00 (1oz)

butter or earth balance .50
Nancy’s yogurt  1.50
whipped cream    .50

Famous Plate Sized Pancake 5.95

oatmeal sesame or buckwheat

Pancake Combo 8.95

oatmeal sesame or buckwheat pancake, eggs & bacon, sausage links or a tempeh patty

Keystone French Toast* 6.95

house made thick cut toast, soaked in egg batter or vegan maple tofu batter

Bowl of Oatmeal 4.25

with brown sugar, raisins and milk

Bowl of Granola 4.95

French vanilla granola with Nancy’s honey yogurt.
add fruit 1.50

Fruit Plate 6.95

an assortment of seasonal fresh fruit

Mexican Style Breakfast

all Mexican style dishes are garnished with mole, cabbage & salsa

Add Extras:

Chorizo or bacon 2.00
Sour cream .75

Avocado 1.5
Salsa (3oz) 1.75

Keystone Rancheros* 8.95

corn tortillas,  2eggs, jalapenos & black beans covered with enchilada sauce & jack cheese

Breakfast Burrito* 8.25

2 scrambled eggs, onions, black beans & jack cheese rolled in a wheat tortilla and topped with tomato / veggie sauce

Fried Polenta & Eggs* 7.95

fried chili-jalapeño polenta covered in jack cheese

Breakfast Enchilada* 7.45

scrambled egg, onions, black olives, spinach & jack cheese, rolled in a white corn tortilla, and covered with enchilada sauce

Mexican Scrambled Tacos* 7.95

scrambled egg, onions, jalapenos, potatoes & jack cheese rolled in a corn tortillas

Keystone Vegan Rancheros 8.95

corn tortillas, tofu or tempeh, jalapenos & black beans covered in enchilada sauce & nutritional yeast gravy

Back to Basics 5.95

rice, black beans, enchilada sauce with jack cheese or nutritional yeast gravy

Fried Polenta & Tempeh 7.25

fried chili-jalapeño polenta and tempeh mix topped with nutritional yeast gravy

Vegan Enchilada 7.95

tofu, potatoes, onions, black olives & spinach in a white corn tortilla, with enchilada sauce & nutritional yeast gravy

Vegan Soft Tacos 6.95

tempeh mix, jalapenos, rice, black beans & nutritional yeast gravy in white corn tortillas


Add Extra: egg 1.00 or avocado 1.50

Original Powerhouse 7.95

potatoes, tofu sautéed with mushrooms, melted cheddar cheese, sour cream & green onions

Smoked Salmon Powerhouse 8.95

steamed kale & spinach, smoked salmon, nutritional yeast gravy & chives on a bed of brown rice

Vegan Powerhouse 7.95

Your choice of:

  • potatoes or brown rice
  • tofu or tempeh,
  • spinach or kale or mushrooms
  • nutritional yeast gravy, mushroom gravy, tomato-veggie sauce or hot peanut sauce

Lighter Fare & Sides

Biscuit & Sausage Gravy 5.45

Biscuit & Mushroom Gravy 5.25

One Egg* 1.50

Two Slices of Toast 2.00

Cup of Black Beans & Rice 2.50

Side of Potatoes 2.50

Side of Polenta 3.25 add cheese 1.50

Two Vegan Tempeh Patties  3.50

Turkey Ham 4.25

Nitrite-free bacon or Sausage Links 4.25 
 (4 slices or 4 links)

Oregon Lox Smoked Salmon or Lox 4.65

Wild Grill Foods Salmon Patty 4.00

Gravies and Sauces 2.50

hot peanut sauce, tomato/veggie sauce, mushroom gravy, sausage gravy or nutritional yeast gravy

Keystone Kids

Kids Classic* 4.95

one egg served with potatoes & toast

Quesadilla 4.95

jack cheese melted in a toasty whole wheat tortilla topped with tomato / veggie sauce, and served with black beans & brown rice

Kids French Toast  4.95

one thick slice of vegan or regular French toast, topped with whipped butter, powdered sugar & fruit

Short Stack 4.95

two small pancakes, topped with whipped butter & fresh fruit

* Consumer Advisory: Some entrees may contain raw or undercooked egg which increases the risk of foodborne illnesses and are marked with an asterisk on the menu.

Note: For all additional requests for variations or substitutions, a minimum of fifty cents will be added due to additional labor.