The food at the Keystone is famous for being healthy, satisfying and delicious.

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  • The Keystone closed its door on Friday earlier than previously announced. We apologize for the short notice, and any inconvenience to you.

    We are undergoing a reorganization, and have hopes to reopen in September. There will be a press release once our plans are finalized.

    Please keep your gift certificates; they will be honored when we reopen. We thank all our loyal customers for their support and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

    -Keystone Cafe
  • I’ve been wondering how to thank you for all your hard work.Words just can’t describe how much you are all appreciated. In business, it’s important to find people you can count on.You have all been those reliable employees. I know things have been crazy lately, I’ll bet you didn’t think anyone noticed all that you do.That’s why it’s important that I take this moment to say thanks for your dedication.Over the past several years I have had the exclusive privilege of working with and for you all on a number of projects.It has been a great learning experience,I wish you all the best of luck on all your future endeavors.I hope to see you all again doing the things you love,thank you for all the memories. -Wyane Biggs,just some guy at the cafe.